Testimonials are from customers, colleagues, fellow artists and fans of Charlotte Farhan and her work.

Charlotte is a gifted and diligent artist who has overcome numerous obstacles to be able to undertake the work that she loves. I am proud to own a couple of her pieces and will continue to eagerly follow her career progression.

Anna Bispham

Charlotte is a fantastic artist whose art can tell a story of lifetime – using inspiration from her past to her life as it is today.

She is a huge advocate of promoting mental illness and really is a true example of how art can save your life.

I urge you to visit her website and experience a bit of her life in art.

Aira Torralba

I purchased a painting of Charlotte’s. It is a striking addition to my collection. A talented, inspirational artist.

Matthew Atkinson

What I like about Charlotte Farhan Art is that it is art with a meaning making it appealing both visually and intellectually.

Teodora Totorean

I love the Wild Dog Rose ‘series’, created for my late husband, Ray Horsburgh!! The 2 paintings are in my living room, and everyone loves them!!

Scarlett Horsburgh

Charlotte’s work is a breath of fresh air in a world of full of grey-life.

Andrew Smith

I love her paintings, I only own one at the moment, but am determined to own more….they’re so gorgeous.

Naomi Cox

Charlotte’s art is beautiful and unique, I am lucky enough to own two of her pieces and they have brightened up my flat. I love the bold use of colour and the very individual style. I also like the fact that each painting has a story and a meaning behind it, and it is nice to support local self-employed artists like her.

Sarah Coats

I think that Charlotte’s Artworks are wonderful, because she’s always searching for a special technic that comes from her own inspiration and that is excellent…

Gary Lens

Charlotte is a stunning talent as an artist and beautiful person. My recommendation is that you check out her website and purchase a piece of Charlotte’s incredible artwork while you can still afford to!!! This lady is going places and outside of Art Saves Lives, I’m thrilled to be working with her on a number of exciting book projects.

Sadie Kaye