Art Saves Lives International Posters designed by Charlotte Farhan

As the Managing Director of ART SAVES LIVES INTERNATIONAL creating merchandise for our new online store (which will be launched early next year) is a fun project for me to take on.

We shall be selling posters, postcards, greeting cards, art prints, music, arts and crafts, T-shirts, stationery, books, online-courses and we hope to stoke items from artists around the world, so you can by from the artist through us! So as this is my baby, I decided to take the plunge and start creating.


Here are 3 NEW posters I have created the artwork for:

ASLI Poster By Charlotte Farhan



Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.


ASLI Poster By Charlotte Farhan


“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

ASLI Poster By Charlotte Farhan

The animated bug has bitten pop culture. It makes me feel happy and free. When you don’t act seriously, you can make up your own rules.”

(Nicki Minaj)


More artworks to come very soon…

We will also be doing competitions for artists to enter their designs to be featured on our merchandise.

If you are not familiar with ASLI and our mission and aim then check them out at

ASLI infographic by Charlotte Farhan

Remember when we at ASLI talk about artists we are talking about all disciplines within the arts…

Such as: visual artists, photographers, writers, poets, dancers, performance artists, thespians, graphic designers, crafters and artisans, musicians, singers, cartoonists, fashion designers, film and documentary makers, journalists, bloggers… basically if you are using your artistic and creative self to make a difference we are talking to you!

ASLI infographic by Charlotte Farhan

If you have any questions about ASLI or wish to get involved please fill in the form below or contact us at



Art Spotlight – Female War – By Charlotte Farhan

Female War – By Charlotte Farhan


Female War - By Charlotte Farhan Acrylic On Boxed Canvas 10" X 12" X 1"
Female War – By Charlotte Farhan
Acrylic On Boxed Canvas 10″ X 12″ X 1″


This Depicts The Want For Freedom For Women.

From The Rigid Gender Roles That Society Has Imposed Upon Us.
Our Gender System Has Created Oppression And The Female War Has A Mission To Overthrow This System By Any Possible Means.

We Believe That We Must Wage A War Against Patriarchy And The Gender System Which Confines Us To These Rigid Social Roles.
The Domination Of Women Is The Oldest And Worst Kind Of Oppression In The World. This Is Because It Spans Across The World Oppressing Women Of Different Races, Ethnicity, Classes And Culture.


Female War - By Charlotte Farhan
Female War – By Charlotte Farhan


“As Anarchism Is A Political Philosophy That Opposes All Relationships Of Power, It Is Inherently Feminist”

(L. Susan Brown)


If you are interested in this painting for your collection, for an exhibition or would like to buy a print, please use the form below:


The Artist and her Cats – Painting our Feline Friends

Charlotte Farhan and Logan
Charlotte Farhan and Logan

Cats have been of extreme importance to me throughout my life of 31 years. Having reared kittens, rescued cats and met many along my journey, these majestic and complicated feline friends are to me more than beautiful creature but are inspiring and have become my best friends and even family.

I decided to start painting cats when I realised how important they were to my artistic process. My three cat progenies who my husband and I treat as our offspring (not as human babies) but as the wonderful species that they are, are called Omar (our 10 year old moggy), Isabella (our 8 year old Burmese) and our youngest Logan (a 5 year old Bengal).

They rush to greet us as we arrive home, they speak to us in a language which we have adapted to best understand one another, they are attached to us as we are them and require constant attention and care, which we are more than happy to give. We feel privileged to share our lives with our fury brood and at times when I am unable to leave my home or am so overwhelmed by sadness or trauma my phenomenal little ones comfort me and lick my tears away.

So I shall continue to honour the species I feel akin to by painting them and creating lasting impressions of them.

Here is my latest called “Lucy Loves Laziness”

Lucy was my Mothers cat when I was little, she was a wise cat, full of neurosis, who did not particularly like me, but I shall always remember her curled up in the flower beds, whilst keeping a watch out for small insects to eat.

Lucy Loves Laziness - By Charlotte Farhan
Lucy Loves Laziness – By Charlotte Farhan


Lucy Loves Laziness - By Charlotte Farhan
Lucy Loves Laziness – By Charlotte Farhan


Lucy Loves Laziness - By Charlotte Farhan
Lucy Loves Laziness – By Charlotte Farhan


Here is a look at the other cat portraits in my collection, most have been sold, prints available and greeting cards coming soon.

Cat Portraits By Charlotte Farhan
Cat Portraits By Charlotte Farhan

If you are interested in one of these or have a feline friend you wish me to do a portrait of please fill in the form below for further details.

Original paintings cost £55.00

Prints cost £25.00

Commissioned Cat Portraits cost £45.00

All images are 10″ x 12″ x 1″ and are on box canvas or high quality printing paper.

And here are our 3 beautiful family members:

Thank you for visiting…

The Collections – A solo exhibition By Charlotte Farhan

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All photography taken by Lisa Reeve (New website being launched in 2014)

The collections exhibition by Charlotte Farhan which is on show throughout January and February, has had a very successful first month of December).

With a fabulous launch night, many tweets, Facebook messages and images of you all visiting the exhibition and giving overwhelming feedback and praise.

As well as being visited by fellow artists and photographer Philip Woolway who was a featured artist in Charlotte Farhan’s Artists of the Week.

With in the first week a sale was made and other exhibition offers started coming in for 2014.

L'automne En Provence - By Charlotte Farhan - SOLD
L’automne En Provence – By Charlotte Farhan – SOLD


Each painting was selected from continuing collections by Charlotte Farhan. To mark a successful year of 3 solo exhibitions and to highlight the themes and subjects within Charlotte’s work. So that 2014 may be started with a fresh outlook and room for many exciting projects and new art works, focusing on more in depth expressionism as well as exploring new styles and techniques.

Charlotte Farhan and her Mother Catherine Williams
Charlotte Farhan and her Mother Catherine Williams

Please visit Le Cafe Parisien – Portsmouth and enjoy great service, food and a free exhibition by Charlotte Farhan.

If you do and like what you see, leave a comment, send a tweet, tag a picture of yourself next to your favourite painting, whatever you wish to do, just get in touch.

Official Website – Charlotte Farhan Art

Tweet @CharlotteFarhan

Tag yourself in a photo/post on Charlotte Farhan’s Facebook Page


Silver Linings – Emotions in Colour – Solo Art Exhibition – From Charlotte Farhan


On Friday the 24th of May my first solo exhibition opened at The Art House in Southampton, Hampshire, England.

I created this exhibition to highlight my ongoing collections and to express my symbology and messages which exist in my paintings. I named the exhibition ‘Silver Linings – Emotions in Colour’ because I use my art to find and create positive energy. A lot of my art originates from my past and my negative experiences from my childhood and adolescents as well as my ongoing struggle with mental illness. I did not want to produce the cliché angst ridden art which is associated with mental illness. I wanted to inspire and create art which empowers the beauty of positivity.

For all of you who can not attend my exhibition especially those of you abroad, as promised I have created this blog post as a mini on-line exhibition so you can view my work and feel like you experienced it in the flesh! I hope you enjoy it.




Feeling Love - By Charlotte Farhan

Feeling Love – By Charlotte Farhan

This is from the collection ‘The Power of Women and Femininity’ 2012                                      

A mixed media piece which symbolises the feeling of being loved unconditionally.  £50.00

A Gift From You - By Charlotte Farhan

A Gift From You – By Charlotte Farhan

From ‘The Flower Collection’ 2013                                                                                                

A gift that is given of beauty and nature has been used for centuries and its meaning is endless.  £155.00


Laying in Flowers - By Charlotte Farhan

Laying In Flowers – By Charlotte Farhan

This is from the collection ‘The Power of Women and Femininity’ 2011                              

Being at one with nature alleviates the stress of everyday life and re-energises our mind and soul.   £70.00 

Amman Cityscape - By Charlotte Farhan

Amman Cityscape – By Charlotte Farhan

From the collection ‘Jordan (the Hashemite Kingdom)’ 2012                                                

A naive abstraction of shape and use of engaging colours to represent the feelings and expressions the city gives.  £300.00


Le Consulat, Montmartre, Paris – By Charlotte Farhan

This is from the collection ‘Ma belle France’ 2013                                                                          

A naive impression of the famous cafe in Montmartre, Paris, called Le Consulat. In the background you can see the Sacre Coeur.  £400.00

Dualism - By Charlotte Farhan

Dualism – By Charlotte Farhan

An expressionist representation of physical and spiritual dualism, from a philosophical view point. I asked myself what is spirit?  £155.00

Brighten Up - By Charlotte Farhan

Brighten Up – By Charlotte Farhan

From ‘The Flower Collection’ 2013                                                                                                     

An expressionist piece to encourage the mind to “brighten up” our thoughts and embrace the positive which surrounds us. £50.00

Summer Is Coming - By Charlotte Farhan

Summer is Coming – By Charlotte Farhan

A naïve style painting of a tree blossoming just as summer starts. A rebirth, a chance to start again.  £80.00

Sitting Pretty - By Charlotte Farhan

Sitting Pretty – By Charlotte Farhan

A naïve style painting reflecting on my world and the joy animals and nature bring to our lives.  £50.00

Just To Make You Smile - By Charlotte Farhan

Just to Make you smile – By Charlotte Farhan

From ‘The Flower Collection’ 2013                                                                                                                    

The language of flowers, called floriography, was a form of communication in which flowers were used to send coded messages, allowing the expression of feelings which otherwise could not be spoken.  £155.00

Memories - By Charlotte Farhan

Memories – By Charlotte Farhan

Trees have played an important role in many of the world’s mythologies and religions, and have been given deep and sacred meanings throughout the ages. My trees symbolise life and death and in particular the death of my friend Jenny who lives on in my art as a tree.  £80.00

Tulip - By Charlotte Farhan

Tulip – By Charlotte Farhan

From ‘The Flower Collection’ 2013                                                                                                

During the Ottoman Empire, the tulip was seen as a symbol of abundance and indulgence. In fact, the era was called the Tulip era. This is an abstract piece to show how nature symbolises this abundance.  £80.00

The Way You Make Me Feel  - By Charlotte Farhan

The Way You Make Me Feel – By Charlotte Farhan

From the collection ‘The Power of Women and Femininity’ 2013                                                    

This represents the healthy acceptance of my body with the love of my husband and myself which has been an on-going struggle throughout my life. Being healthy is beautiful whichever shape you are.  £155.00

With Flowers in Her Hair - By Charlotte Farhan

With Flowers In Her Hair – By Charlotte Farhan

From the collection ‘The Power of Women and Femininity’ 2013                                          

Women have been associated with the physical side of life our role has always been described as being ‘closer to nature’.                                                                                                                       Women have been affected by the devaluation throughout time and this is reflected in our images and media, this is an image to empower and re-address the positive.  £50.00


True Colours - By Charlotte Farhan

True Colours – By Charlotte Farhan

From the collection ‘The Power of Women and Femininity’ 2013                                  

Our inner feelings are often masked and not shown. This is a reflection on our inner voice and true feelings.  £50.00


My exhibition is on until the 7th of July at The Art House in Southampton. Here is a link to the galleries website for more information this is also where I first exhibited two paintings in their summer show in 2011. So I am so pleased I got to have my first solo show here. It is such a wonderful place. Like a treasure trove of arty delights and festivities as well as live music and yummy organic vegetarian food from their wonderful cafe.


Thank you for visiting my art blog and for viewing my exhibition. Your support means the world to me. If you are interested in my work to buy or to exhibit in your venue or gallery please contact me via my email or visit my website


Photos of Charlotte Farhan’s group exhibition at The Art House, Southampton

On the 2nd of August I went to the opening of the group show Summer Exhibition at The Art House in Southampton, which was exhibiting 2 of my paintings.

It was such a lovely evening and many of my dearest friends came along to support me and to see the exhibition.

There were some beautiful paintings in varied styles and of many different subjects.

Here are some photos of the exhibition, enjoy!




Our Tree – By Charlotte Farhan







This week I have chosen a very special painting which is called Our Tree. This painting is of a time and place which I hold close to my heart. When I was 15 I was admitted to a psychiatric unit at this old Victorian hospital in Epsom, Surrey. You would have to see it to believe it! Maybe due to my state of mind and my age as soon as I arrived at Woodside adolescent Unit, West Park hospital it was as if I had entered a very strange
world, a dream like world.

The grounds were massive, the buildings were mostly derelict and secret gardens and passages had emerged due to the overgrowth of plants and trees surrounding the buildings. It was a gorgeous summer and as my world outside the hospital had ended, the new world inside the grounds of the hospital had only just begun.

Whilst at Woodside, I met a girl called Jenny. Jenny was tall, dark-haired and always wore black and never wore shoes. Jenny did not speak to anyone and seemed so shy and scared I did not know how to approach her, but I knew I had to know this girl.

Jenny and I became very close, she would only speak to me and we developed our own way of communicating when others were around us. The Doctors and Nurses did not like this and thought I was manipulating Jenny, which could not be further from the truth! One beautiful August day, after creative writing therapy Jenny and I decided to make a run for it. We had discussed it many times before and even made little plans and had looked for the best way to do it. So we pretended we were just going to the vending machine and then made a break for it. Behind our ward there were endless fields and trees. We decided to run to the furthest fence, which we knew was the edge of the grounds. In the fence there was a hole which had been previously cut out from the chicken wire, someone had clearly thought of this escape before. So we ducked under and left the hospital grounds.

Almost as if we had entered another dimension or Universe this field looked glorious and almost as if it was all that existed in this alternate celestial space , as if it had been created for us, and only us. An endless field of golden corn. As we walked through the field which was on a hill we reached the highest point and saw a gloriously large field tree on its own, as if no one had discovered it. We decided to go and take some shade
and have a rest under its large arms of luscious leaves listening to that whispering and rustling from the breeze. We sat in the shade for hours, talking, sleeping, day dreaming, hoping that we could hold on to this perfect moment in time, hoping that the realities of why we were here and the cruel world in which we came from, would not reclaim us and that we could stay there forever.

Unfortunately Jenny and I could not stay there forever. Reality claimed us back and the world cruelly gobbled us back up. Jenny never got to leave Woodside properly, several years later after I had left and Jenny had become a day patient, Jenny took her own life one cold bitter day in December. A very large part of myself died that day, I was never angry at Jenny for leaving our world, because I knew she had not left “our world” she had returned to it. Jenny had gone back to the golden field, she was home.

This painting is a representation of that world, I made the scene different by adding the surreal large moon setting in the background, which gives off a very bright white light, and this was to represent the alternate Universe we were in. I made it night-time to symbolise the sadness and loss I feel without Jenny, which is why I choose cold blues instead of vivid greens. I added pink blossom to the tree to express my love and the romance I felt with Jenny. I kept the gold in the corn field to signify the beauty and magic which was felt.

So this painting is in honour of my beautiful Jenny, this was “our tree” I hope you like it and can see what I have tried to do. Please feel free to comment and leave feedback.

Thank you for reading,

Lots of love,

Charlotte x
x x