The Collections – A solo exhibition By Charlotte Farhan

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All photography taken by Lisa Reeve (New website being launched in 2014)

The collections exhibition by Charlotte Farhan which is on show throughout January and February, has had a very successful first month of December).

With a fabulous launch night, many tweets, Facebook messages and images of you all visiting the exhibition and giving overwhelming feedback and praise.

As well as being visited by fellow artists and photographer Philip Woolway who was a featured artist in Charlotte Farhan’s Artists of the Week.

With in the first week a sale was made and other exhibition offers started coming in for 2014.

L'automne En Provence - By Charlotte Farhan - SOLD
L’automne En Provence – By Charlotte Farhan – SOLD


Each painting was selected from continuing collections by Charlotte Farhan. To mark a successful year of 3 solo exhibitions and to highlight the themes and subjects within Charlotte’s work. So that 2014 may be started with a fresh outlook and room for many exciting projects and new art works, focusing on more in depth expressionism as well as exploring new styles and techniques.

Charlotte Farhan and her Mother Catherine Williams
Charlotte Farhan and her Mother Catherine Williams

Please visit Le Cafe Parisien – Portsmouth and enjoy great service, food and a free exhibition by Charlotte Farhan.

If you do and like what you see, leave a comment, send a tweet, tag a picture of yourself next to your favourite painting, whatever you wish to do, just get in touch.

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