The South Coast of England

Charlotte lives in Portsmouth, England and enjoys photographing the south coast greatly. With the wild beaches, wildlife, skies and colours of the ocean there is so much to capture and Charlotte will endeavour to explore it all, documenting her findings along the way.                         … Continue reading The South Coast of England

The Paris Collection – Part One

Part One – Exploring the city from a childlike perspective, looking up in wonder. This is the inner city, the buildings and monuments which stand stoic and remain unbiased to the changing city. With the  patriotism and appearance of Le Tricolore guiding this tour around the city. This photography collection is in memory of Charlotte’s Grandmother.         … Continue reading The Paris Collection – Part One

Cat Portraits

Cats are not only Charlotte’s favourite animal but the three she has raised with her husband are like family. With Omar the moggy, Isabella the Burmese and Logan the Bengal, the endless fun to be had photographing them is unmeasurable. As well as her own cats Charlotte likes to find other feline friends from around … Continue reading Cat Portraits

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