My Journey Through Faith

My latest article from Open Thought Vortex Magazine…
“My Journey Through Faith”

Open Thought Vortex

Trigger warning: sexual abuse, violence

Faith is something which our world polarizes in this modern age, with dogmatic rule still prevalent and the complete rejection of God becoming an ideology all of its own. Faith can feel like an amazing party with the best of everything at your feet, as well as the feeling like the “odd child” who was not invited. It is not innate, not something a child would understand, if kept away from the ideas surrounding the belief – based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. It is an indoctrination passed down, just as we tell children the sky is blue, children who are raised religiously are told that God exists.

My journey in understanding faith starts as everyone’s does – in childhood. I was raised as a French Catholic by my French Grandmother, who was one of my main caregivers as my parents were workaholics, neglectful…

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