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Freeing oneself from negativity to let the creativity flow…

I have recently encountered some negative energy from some not so friendly friends. They seem to have taken issue with my facebook pages success as I reached over 15,ooo likes a few weeks ago, which is an achievement I am proud of especially as I know how hard I worked for this!

I can’t lie it did hurt me and confused me as I have supported these people with their lives and especially their art! I helped with setting them up and gave them my time and experience out of love and wished them only well, but unfortunately I was given negativity in return!


Since this realisation I have had to say goodbye to these people and try to forgive their nature and pray that they will find positive energy and move on to better things.


As I am writing this post I have received yet another message full of abuse from this person, if only they knew how much I have cared for them and valued them, but especially how much I was willing to give!

I have received lots of positive feedback from my page fans today as I shared with them this misfortune. To my delight they rallied round me with support and proclaimed their likes had “NOT BEEN BOUGHT” this helped me to put these feelings into context so that I could release this bad energy and move on.

I plan to be far more active in my blogging next year and ironically I bought this very person a beautiful book on ‘how to blog for artists and creatives’, as she is a fab blogger who displays so many talents. But as I wont be giving her this present any more I shall turn this into a positive and use it myself. I have struggled with blogging as I am not usually one to log my emotions and daily activities in such a public setting but I understand how much it helps with getting my work out there, so here goes! As from next year I plan to write a blog at least once a week, watch this space….


So this is my release  I hope if you have ever experienced this yourself you will be comforted by these quotes and feel less alone. I wish all my followers and fans of my work a massive thank you for your support. ❤ 🙂 And I hope that we can build a community of artists and creatives, who support and encourage one-another.


I believe that I will thank my haters as they have encouraged me the most!

You can’t be envious and happy at the same time

 Frank Tyger 

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    • They are bitter indeed! Very sad, but I wish them no harm and hope they can turn all the energy they use to hate into positivity and wish only happiness for others. Thank you for your comment and time, have a lovely holiday season x x x

  1. Recently had the very same experience on my own Facebook page. It’s true that these insults and abuses come when others envy your talent and creativity. Just let it further fuel your dreams. Best of luck in the future!

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